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U8 Rules & Regulations

TRSC Recreational Youth Soccer
5v5 U8 Program Official Rules and Policies

FIFA/USYS/OSA Laws and Policies



Players: (5 v 5) ‐ Five on the field with one goal keeper

Ball Size: 3

Play Time: 4 Quarters, 10 minutes each 2 minutes between quarters and 5 minute half

Substitutions: Free substitutions on any dead ball.

All players must play at least 50% of each game.

· Game Play: No Off‐Sides

· No Slide tackling

· Handball calls are lenient but can be called if game play is affected. Players are allowed to protect their face and body. All intentional handballs will be called.

· All free kicks are direct, defense maintains a 5 yard distance.

· All fouls that occur in the penalty area against the defending team will be placed on the outside of the penalty area for the kick.

· No Penalty Kicks – all free kicks are to be taken outside the penalty area

· Incorrect throw-ins will be called and the player will have another chance to throw it in correctly. If the second throw is incorrect, the other team will be awarded the throw-in. This it to teach our players the correct way to perform a throw-in.

· Basic FIFA rules will apply, corner kicks, goal kicks, kick‐offs, etc.

· Fouls will be called with a sense of leniency to keep the game moving forward without a lot of stoppages. Fouls to be called: tripping, shoving, pushing, spitting, slide tackling, cussing, use of elbows, and aggression towards other players (yelling, trash talking, etc.).

· Coaches are not allowed to be on the field during game play. They must coach and instruct from the sideline.

· Tips: A handball is when the hand hits the ball and NOT when the ball hits the hand. Goal keepers have possession of the ball when they have their hand on the ball, even if it is trapping it against the ground. Players are not allowed to kick the ball from a goal keeper with possession. Socks are to be worn over the shin guards and not underneath them. This is for safety so a shin guard doesn’t fly off a player. Direct free kicks can be scored directly without having to touch another player. A player can score directly off of a kick off.

· Referees are there to ensure the safety of the players by maintaining control. This is done by enforcing the rules set in place. Many of the TRSC referees are younger referees still learning how to conduct games as a referee. TRSC asks each coach to treat them with respect and help them along their learning process. TRSC will not tolerate abusing or bullying of the referees. As with any sport, referees are not perfect and will miss calls. Please let it go and keep a positive attitude towards the game. Be a good role model for our players. Please refer to the TRSC Zero Tolerance Policy.


Practice: A normal U8 soccer practice focuses on 1 main topic per practice (dribbling/passing/shooting/defense/attacking/goalkeeping, etc.) Each practice session consists of the following structure: Stage 1. Technique: skills work (warm-up). Get the players involved in a game or activity to work on their technique in a fun way. Stage 2. Small-sided: Focusing on your topic of the day, add opposition to your players. (example: if you’re working on passing and you set up an activity in stage 1 for passing, in stage 2 add a defender to your passing game) Stage 3: Expanded small-sided activity: now, add a direction to your games (like a goal or goal line). (in the example above, for passing, have the players play 3v2 in a small area with goal lines on each end of the area, and the attacking team scores by completing a pass in the endzone.) 4. A game or scrimmage focusing on the skill for the day. Let them play and apply the topics you’ve been focusing on all practice. Make it as close to a game-like situation as possible.



· Click on coaches->coaching lesson plans and find your age group

· The best way to improve your players on your team, is to find one thing to work on (maybe something you see that needs to be fixed in a game) and work on that during practice. Make up a plan ahead of time of your 4 stages for practice. I like to get online and search for “soccer U8 (insert topic) lesson plan.” Look for lesson plans that have “us youth soccer” on them. Some topics you may cover are dribbling, shooting, passing, defense, attacking, goal keeping, etc. Just identify an area and you’ll be able to find some great ideas online.


Coaching Tips to live by:

1) Have fun! The #1 reason these kids play soccer is for fun, they also play to be with their friends and “be their own boss” for a while. Give them to opportunity to play, learn on their own, and stay away from lines, lectures, and laps.

2) Focus on one topic at a time. Try to make corrections by saying “do this” or “try this” or ask a question like “which part of the foot should you shoot the ball with?” and then when they answer, say “show me!”

3) Keep them moving! Get them started on an activity quickly with very simple instructions and let them figure it out. If you take a long time explaining a game/activity, you’ll lose them before they even get started!

4) Get them started with a game right away. No need for traditional warm ups or stretching at this age group. They are ready to go as soon as they get there. They will get warmed up with whatever game you start with. And you’ll get them running from the car to practice if they see their friends already playing a game!

5) End practice with a scrimmage! This is the kids’ favorite part!



Referees are human, sometimes even school children.

Everyone is learning a deserves an opportunity to enjoy the game.

Safety is priority and sometimes a referee may not see what you see.

Positivity is contagious. Please know referees are doing their best to be

    honest, fair and impartial.

Encouraging respect will allow everyone to enjoy the game.

Coaches, please ask players and spectators to respect the decisions of

    the referee as we cheer one another on.

Treat all with RESECT

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